Our Shed Dimensions (external)

Big Shed; w 3.0m x l 4.8m X h 2.5m. Internal space = 11.44m2

Small Shed; w 2.4m x l 4.8m x h 2.5m. Internal space = 8.8 m2

Made from modular panel construction with fully insulated timber panels

Fully insulated timber panels with 100mm insulation.


External Cladding and Roofing

Tough yet beautiful, Colorcoat Urban® 0.7mm gauge steel standing seam. Available in four standard matt shades. This comes with a 40 year guarantee, BBA certified.


Thermal Conductivity

Our sheds are warm for the winter with 100mm insulation in wall build up. This makes them highly insulated and thermally efficient. The shed will only use a minimal amount of energy to heat and will maintain a comfortable temperature all year round.


Internal Finish

Our unique modular furniture panels stand out from the crowd, in a Birch ply wood finish (with durable 10% sheen hard-wearing AC lacquer).

Floors are either in engineered oak floorboards brushed and oiled, or 18mm spruce ply wood flooring finished with ultra hard-wearing polyurethane floor paint in a range of colours.


Upholstered Sofa/Day Bed Mattress

Our comfortable, hard-wearing mattress is covered in a range of quality fabric, made from 60% cotton, 40% Linen and available in 8 colours. The fabric complies with the required Cigarette and Match test BS 5852.





Express Bi-Folding Doors Ltd supply all of our doors. They are 28mm double glazed argon filled, aluminium, hard-wearing and durable. They surpass all the requirements of latest document L revisions and are high security, minimal maintenance and fully guaranteed for 5 years. Doors come in Anthracite grey, RAL; 7016 are outward opening: slim sightline of just 132mm and a 30mm low threshold.

  • Bi-folding doors, (gable end small shed) 3 leaf, w 2.0m x h 1.9m
  • Bi-folding doors,(gable end big shed) 3 leaf w 2.6m x h 1.9m
  • French Doors (side) w 1.4m x h 1.9m or w 1.6m x h 1.9m

Both types of door come with a high standard locking system as standard. The locking device consists of a 5 point locking system and additional shoot bolt on bi-fold leaves. All hardware comes with a 12 month guarantee.


Each Amazing Shed comes with a stunning range of modular furniture and fittings;

  • 1 fold-down sofa-daybed. Mattress filling meets specified ignition requirements. (l 1.9m x w 0.8m x h 0.075m)
  • 4 fixed shelves, plus two adjustable shelves and cabinet doors, all in birch ply
  • 3 internal double sockets (240v 13 amp)
  • 1 fold-down desk (l 100cm x w 60cm x h 75cm)
  • 4 stools (h 45cm x diameter 32cm)
  • 1 Adax convector heater / electric radiator (400 watt, l 486mm x d 84mm x h 370mm). Available in 4 colours.
  • 1 blank module that can be replaced with additional furniture at any point; birch faced ply with 10% sheen hard-wearing AC lacquer (h 194cm x w 60cm)
  • 1 Chiswick internal wall lamp (h 22cm x diameter 12cm)
  • 1 St Ives externalweather-proof down light, made of hot-dipped galvanised steel (h 12 x w 9.5 x d 12cm)


If you choose to add to your Amazing Shed we offer;

  • Hobbit Stove: 4kw, cast iron with slate hearth, steel fronted fire back, and complete flue system. Multi fuel (wood or coal) and clean burn technology. (h 46cm x w 30cm x d 35cm): includes fitting and HETAS certification: £1,500 +VAT
  • Pegboard Panel: Modular board in Birch ply with 48 peg holes: consists of 6 pegs, 1 notebook shelf, 1 postcard shelf, 1 mini shelf, 1 pencil block, 1 utensil box: £395
  • ModularBookshelf system of seven moveable / reconfigurable boxes: £450
    • (overall bookcase internal h 141cm x w 56cm x d 22cm): £450
    • 3 big boxes (internal h 52cm x w 24cm x d 24cm)
    • 2 medium boxes (internal h 24cm x w 24cm x d 24cm)
    • 2 small boxes (internal h 24cm x w 10 cm x d 24 cm)
  • Enamel sink and chrome taps with trap and over flow (external h 35cm x w 50cm x d 35cm): £390
  • Additional stools: Set of extra stools, without panel: (H45cm x diameter 32cm): £75 per stool
  • Additional 2 x Electrical Panel (2 x 2 gang with 2 wall lamps) two plug points: £300 per panel

Hardwood decking 18mm x 90mm premium grade FSC Belau secured with stainless steel fixings: £200m2

  • External wall light (and IP rated socket): Weatherproof , made of hot-dipped galvinised steel. Comes as standard in sheds with a Veranda. (H12x W9.5x D12cm): £360

(All prices listed are exclusive of VAT)


Amazing Sheds Power Supply

The shed will be fitted with a Consumer unit with RCD and MCB protection.

Installed by fully qualified electricians to comply with building regulations.

16 amp supply for radiators.



Our foundation system is clever and simple. We fit easy to install pre-cast and reinforced concrete plinths (320mm x 320mm x 120mm) with a heavy gauge steel adjustable bracket, or Eco Base static plastic matting with high load bearing capacity, depending on your soil type.

Amazing Sheds will continue to produce new and exciting modular furniture, which can be bought to fit in to existing shed models at any time.