What’s in an Amazing Shed?

Each Amazing Shed comes with a range of beautiful modular furniture and highly designed fittings included in the price;

Fold-down sofa/day bed panel with shelve unit

Sofa/day bed: (L 1.9m x w 0.8m x h 0.075m)

Comfy and versatile for entertaining, lounging and snoozing.


The mattress is buttoned and covered in beautiful, hard-wearing fabric, made up of 60% cotton 40% linen, and comes in a choice of 8 colours.

NB: mattress filling meets specified ignition requirements. Fabric complies with the required Cigarette and Match test BS 5852

Shelve unit: 

With 4 fixed and 2 adjustable shelves


2 x electrical panels (2 x double plug socket with 2 wall lamps)

(h 22cm x diameter 12cm)

Industrial style wall-mounted light made of powder-coated steel and painted a matt soft off-white. With an adjustable ball hinge arm and a toggle on/off switch at its base.


Desk / table panel

(l 100cm x w 60cm x h 75cm)

Brilliantly crafted from Birch Ply, folds into the wall when not in use, sturdy and robust.


4 x Stools (on 2 modular panels)

(h 45cm x diameter 32cm)

These ingenious stools can be stored flat in the wall, and easily assembled when you need them.


1 heating panel

(h 370 x l 486 x 52)

This Adax Neo Slimline, wall mounted heating panel features Night Time Temperature Reduction, Digital Thermostat, Temperature Display and Safety Cutout. It is guaranteed for 5 years and available in 4 colours: Red, white, silver and black.


What can I add to my shed?

If you choose to add to your Amazing Shed we offer:

NB: All prices listed are exclusive of VAT.

Blank panels

(w: 60cm x h.1.9m)

These Birch Ply blank panels can be reconfigured or replaced with other modular furniture options at any time.

Price: £100


Hobbit Stove

(h 46cm x w 30cm x d 35cm)

A quality, cast iron stove with big personality but a compact footprint. It provides 4kw’s of efficient clean burning warmth and will burn both burn wood or coal. Slate hearth, steel fronted fire back, complete flue system and wall shield. 5 year guarantee, EN approved and CE marked.

Price: £1,500

(includes fitting by approved professionals).


Pegboard panel

Modular board in Birch ply with 48 peg holes: consists of 6 pegs, 1 notebook shelf,1 postcard shelf, 1 mini shelf, 1 pencil block, 1 utensil box. You design how to use them and where they go!

Price: £395


Modular bookshelf panel with stacking boxes

(h 141cm x w 56cm x d 22cm)

This ingenious and versatile unit features seven reconfigurable boxes that you can mix up any way you want to, and change whenever the mood takes you.

  • 3 big boxes (internal h 52cm x w 24cm x d 24cm)
  • 2 medium boxes (internal h 24cm x w 24cm x d 24cm)
  • 2 small boxes (internal h 24cm x w 10 cm x d 24 cm)

Price: £450


Enamel sink panel

(external h 35cm x w 50cm x d 35cm)

This smart little utilitarian sink comes with trap and over flow. Pre-installed in our workshop, and has one tap with feed pipes and waste kit making it easy to connect to external mains water and waste on site. Mains water and drainage to be supplied by client.

Price: £390


Additional stools (extra set of stools without panel)

(H 45cm x Diameter 32cm)

Extra seating for bigger families or lots of friends!

Price: £75 per stool


Additional electrical panel (1 x double plug socket with 1 wall lamp)

(240v 16amp)

(h 22cm x diameter 12cm)

Industrial style wall-mounted light made of powder-coated steel and painted a matt soft off-white. With an adjustable ball hinge arm and a toggle on/off switch at its base.

Price: £300


Hardwood decking around your shed

18mm x 90mm premium grade FSC Belau secured with stainless steel fixings.

Price: £200/m²


External wall light (and IP rated socket)

(h 12 x w 9.5 x d 12cm)

This external weather-proof down light is made of hot-dipped galvanised steel. Totally weather-proof it will last for many years. The appearance of ‘runs’ in the finish is an intrinsic part of the product. Comes as standard in sheds with a Veranda.

Price: £360


Once you have chosen the shed size that suits you, and the configuration that works best for your needs and your garden, take a look at the accessories…