Expert Designer Hamish Boden and Master Craftsman William Hardie, of Studio Hardie, have brought their design and build talents together to create a range of small space solutions for the bottom of your garden.

William has a celebrated design company, Studio Hardie which undertakes a range of high end projects worldwide. Hamish has a flair for innovative design and a background in traditional manufacture.

William and Hamish both have a real passion for design and innovation, and also agree that a shed should be a thing of beauty which can be enjoyed by all the family. So they decided to build some…

Amazing Sheds are all individually made in Lewes, a market town nestled on the South Downs in Sussex and home to the remains of a Norman castle.

The town may be medieval but our workshop is state-of-the-art and our team of designer-makers are experts in cutting edge construction.
Amazing Sheds may be born in Lewes but they are full of wanderlust – ready and waiting to be delivered to you anywhere in the UK.

Hamish Boden

Hamish Boden has been recognised for innovative skills in design and making. Disciplines include architecture, interior design, furniture, exhibition spaces and public art.

He specialises in timber craft and a firm believer in understanding materials and every part of the manufacturing process. A flair for design and a comprehensive knowledge of traditional building techniques are the cornerstones of his practice.

William Hardie

William Hardie is renowned for his diverse problem solving skills in design and making, specialising in unusual projects that fuse tradition with innovation. He and his team have been the designers and makers behind the popular Channel 4 television series’ Amazing Spaces. William likes considered design and craftsmanship, as well as anything that is created as a labour of love – however quirky.

The shed for him is the most intriguing part of a house and garden, it is where objects and interests reside that don’t conform to the social, architectural, traditional and fashionable constraints of the home – A garden without a shed is like a man without a beard!